ENET 5Gynamic, the New Portfolio of Flow Processors, to Support 5G

Ethernity Networks Announces Readiness for Upgrade to 5G Cloud RAN Architecture Based on Low-Latency Processing and Low-Cost FPGA Design

MWC 2017, Stand 2E60, Barcelona, Spain – Ethernity Networks, the innovative provider of Networking System-on-Chip Flow Processors, announces ENET 5Gynamic, the new portfolio supporting 5G requirements for the network architecture. Based on the company’s flagship patented ENET flow-processing technology, Ethernity Networks adjusted a range of networking solutions to requirements of 5G architecture, which call for yet unseen agility of network infrastructure changes and mobility. ENET 5Gynamic solutions are scalable from low-count logic FPGAs for standalone devices to Smart Network Adapters equipped with higher-count logic FPGA for multi 10G throughput. All the solutions are compatible with SDN approach and combine SW programmability with HW deterministic data-path aligned with SW requirements.

Answering the Demands of 5G

In the fast-approaching future of 5G, mobile carriers will need to resolve not only throughput issues but also supply low latency and dynamic provisioning capabilities associated with 5G infrastructure; to answer not only increasing demands of subscribers but also new trends of services across mobile, residential, and business networks, and to support VNO infrastructures. In addition, M2M connectivity integrated with the same communications network will require a novel approach for data traffic management and orchestration.

“Very agile transformations of the connectivity architecture involving programmability, virtualization and traffic optimization will be needed to support 5G both in initial deployments and future extensions, – explains Eugene Zetserov, Ethernity’s AVP Business Development. –Therefore Ethernity Networks supports OpenFlow 1.4 concept, where the HW pipeline is transparent to the application developer that programs the data-path according to data chaining defined by NFV graph”.

ENET 5Gynamic portfolio combines the features required for 5G in different segments of the network. ENET 5Gynamic includes the low-cost FPGA-based ENET flow processors integrated with the new high-speed radio modems; the higher data rate flow processor for EPC market implemented in both the standalone EPC device and the network adapters to support vEPC acceleration. Moreover, ENET 5Gynamic includes the set of features for IoT market: IPv6 forwarding, header compression and fragmentation, different tunnel methods, all allowing to program the data path from the edge to the central cloud, providing efficiency, low power consumption and low latency.