Our Solutions

Ethernity’s solutions are based on the unique patented technology that enables maximum networking features in minimal FPGA space. We offer our customers complete solutions that quickly adapt to their changing needs, improving time-to-market and facilitating the deployment of edge computing, NFV, and 5G.

ENET Wireless Backhaul
5G UPF Forwarding Offload
5G DU vRouter

Our Products

Ethernity offers advanced networking and security functions offload onto flexible, programmable FPGA-based products, and we combine that with comprehensive software to accelerate your network. Ethernity’s products offer best-in-class fully programmable platforms for the telecom, cloud service provider, and enterprise markets.

ENET Network Appliances

Ethernity combines the comprehensive software with COTS hardware to create complete turnkey solutions to today’s toughest networking challenges.

PON Devices

Ethernity offers network appliances and devices that integrate PON functionality onto an FPGA SoC, providing the programmability to address the ever-changing demands of an evolving market.


Offload your networking and security functions to Ethernity’s ACE-NIC family of FPGA SmartNICs to ensure that your network will be high-performing, accelerated, and efficient. We offer SmartNICs in various sizes, port configurations, and throughput options.

ENET Flow Processors

Choose the throughput and feature set that best suits your specific networking and security needs, and together we will design the ideal FPGA-based SoC for your telco/cloud network.

FPGA Boards

Ethernity offers FPGA boards which use Xilinx FPGAs and MPSoCs along with several interface types to provide the flexible hardware needed to meet a variety of application requirements.

Maximum Networking Functions on Minimum FPGA Space

Utilizing the company’s patented network processing technology, Ethernity offers data plane offloading to FPGA-based SmartNICs. The offloading accelerates networking functions, providing carrier-grade performance, low latency and low power consumption.

Chris Changmo Yoo
Dasan Network Solutions.
Senior Director

We are pleased to work with Ethernity Networks integrating their data plane acceleration technology into our MEC solution.


Dietmar Wendt
President Communications business unit at Aricent

We are taking our partnership with Ethernity to the next level by enabling the faster adoption of ENET Flow Processor technology and Aricent’s Converged OS software framework.


Wang Ye
Director of NFV Product Lines

We have been working closely with Ethernity for months to develop a solution that includes the performance and features that best fit our needs. Ethernity’s ACE-NIC100, with its high throughput and offloading capabilities, is an ideal fit for our FitBNG solution architecture, and by reducing the required CPU cores, we have improved our cost efficiency as well. It’s a very powerful enabler for FiberHome.

James Yang
VP Networks & Communications Group

Ethernity’s FPGA technology adds an advanced network acceleration element to Advantech’s SKY Server line, enabling service providers with the performance levels they need to viably migrate from today’s closed proprietary designs.


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