Ethernity offers best-in-class programmable networking and security products for the fixed/mobile telecom and cloud markets
ENET Network Appliances

Ethernity offers turnkey network appliances that incorporate Ethernity’s ACE-NIC SmartNICs and FPGA firmware with our comprehensive software and flexible interface options within a white box for deployment of various networking solutions. This provides acceleration and  optimization of virtualized network environments on top of programmable hardware to address today’s most pressing networking challenges affordably while shortening time-to-market.

PON Devices

Ethernity offers network appliances and devices that integrate PON functionality onto an FPGA SoC, providing the programmability to address the ever-changing demands of an evolving market.


Ethernity’s ACE-NICs are a family of FPGA-based SmartNICs that offer programmable hardware with various bandwidth and port configurations. ACE-NICs provide acceleration for essential virtual networking functions, switching, routing, improved performance, monitoring, load balancing, fault management, and security, all at a fraction of the CPU overhead.

ENET Flow Processors

Our FPGA-based ENET Flow Processors allow customers to construct a high-performance programmable data path. They enable the design of affordable SoCs for powerful networking and security products, using our patented technology for efficient logic and memory utilization. We offer various families of the ENET Flow Processor, each with its own set of rich features, to address the requirements of various telecom and enterprise markets.

FPGA Boards

Ethernity offers FPGA boards which use Xilinx FPGAs and MPSoCs along with several interface types to provide the flexible hardware needed to meet a variety of application requirements.