ENET Network Appliances

Ethernity offers turnkey network appliances that incorporate Ethernity’s FPGA-based SoCs and ACE-NIC SmartNICs and FPGA firmware with our comprehensive software and flexible interface options within a white box for deployment of various networking solutions. This provides accelerated, optimized virtualized network functions on top of programmable hardware to address today’s most pressing networking challenges affordably while shortening time-to-market.

ENET Universal Edge Platform

The ideal programmable network appliance for telco/cloud network edge applications, offering high networking and security performance with modularity to support virtually unlimited flexibility in protocol and port configurations.

ENET vRouter

A 100G network appliance designed to accelerate your network performance without committing to a large investment. It can be plugged into affordable COTS servers to provide a virtualized boost to networking and security performance without significantly affecting power and physical space requirements.

ENET VPN Gateway

Aggregates multiple VPN tunnel terminations into a single appliance and incorporates an FPGA-based ACE-NIC SmartNIC to fully offload the security functions from CPUs.

Product Briefs
Universal Edge Platform Product Brief
ENET VPN Gateway Product Brief
ENET vRouter Product Brief
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