Ethernity Completed Successful Proof-of-Concept in Different Customer Environments

Ethernity Networks (AIM: ENET.L), an innovative technology solutions provider that develops network data processing technology used in high-end Carrier Ethernet applications across the telecom, mobile, security and data centre markets, announces that it has successfully completed proof-of-concept (PoC) of integration in several customer environments with its All-Programmable Intelligent NIC. It performed offloading for both Virtual Network Functions (VNF”s) and overlay infrastructure, all on a single low-cost FPGA device with Ethernity’s patented flow processing engine.

The customers successfully tested Ethernity’s solutions to meet their requirements for offloading of H-QoS and the overlay network infrastructure that combined VxLAN, GRE and GTP tunnels, networking functions for real-time metering in SLA, monitoring and billing applications, and access control list (ACL) rules for the virtualized firewall.

The Ethernity’s solution enabled H-QoS for different applications with virtual interfaces and three levels of hierarchy with precise queue scheduler and per flow policer.

The solution currently supports 2.5 million real-time counters, improving accuracy of measurements in billing, SLA and monitoring appliances. The customers at the PoC evaluated the wire-speed probe and fast failover abilities.

Additionally, offloading ACL rules totally removed the load from the CPUs running firewall or DDoS solutions.

David Levi, CEO commented: “During the POCs, the Company successfully completed the offloading of different VNFs, demonstrating the successful integration of Ethernity’s ACE-NIC in helping customers to meet both scalability and mass VNF development requirements. The successful POC is a critical milestone for Ethernity, in highlighting the wide range of the Company’s product offerings and demonstrates the recognition from customers for the growing need for Ethernity’s ACE-NIC solution. It proved that Ethernity can significantly reduce the costs and power consumption of cloud and virtualized platforms for service providers.”

“The Ethernity’s solution supports the plug & play approach that reduces complicated management and lengthy set-up times by full automation of ENET SDK installation. Ethernity Networks offers demo applications that customers can test on their platforms. – explained Eugene Zetserov, VP Product Marketing of Ethernity Networks. “We offer the customers a very simple one-click procedure” – Zetserov said.

Ethernity Networks will give the detailed explanation of the PoC at NFV & Carrier SDN Event in Denver, Colorado, on September 27-28 2017.