OpenWrt Software Package Ported on Top of Ethernity Networks Flow Processor for Broadband Solutions

Ethernity Networks, the leading provider of innovative networking Systems-on-Chip, announces support of the Open Source OpenWrt Linux Distribution on ENET FPGA platforms in cooperation with Inango Systems.

The feature-rich OpenWrt software package is ported on ENET family of flow processors targeted for DPU supporting L2 Switch features. This allows ODMs/OEMs of Ethernity Networks to shorten hardware and software design time in significant way while delivering best in class FTTB/SMB/Enterprise OpenFlow managed solutions and security products. Optimized for leveraging ENET flow processing engines, OpenWrt offers more CPU headroom for services, thereby reducing the system costs. ENET-hardware based acceleration enables wire-speed performance using far less CPU resources than software-only solutions, delivers better performance of VPN, routing and tunneling functions, therefore the product road-map includes porting for other features such routing, tunneling, fragmentation and security.

“Bringing together the data processing capabilities of ENET Flow Processors family armed with ARM CPU, and flexibility of the Open Source OpenWrt enables development of tailor made hardware accelerators for flow processing, QoS, traffic management, DPI and security,” – explains Eugene Zetserov, Ethernity’s AVP Business Development. “The new platform answers the most important requirements of SDN solutions. Our customers now have a future-proof tool for the fast time-to-market product delivery with the best-in-class features for broadband applications. ENET OpenWrt FPGA platform targets different business cases starting from low-end, low power ones and up to high-end enterprise platforms for networking, security, storage and control”.

“Together with Ethernity Networks we can reach more customers with our highly-optimized Linux solutions,” – says Jonathan Masel, CEO of Inango Systems. “Now OEMs have the choice of using our Linux Distribution across a wide range of networking applications, or combining it with our fully functional DPU and CPE software that provides extensive management capabilities and the highest throughput available by hardware data path offloading.”

About Ethernity Networks

Ethernity Networks develops and provides carrier grade Systems-on-Chip for telecommunication and data communication platforms enabling the Programmable Network™. The flagship ENET architecture is based entirely on Ethernity’s technology protected by patents. The company’s products enable smart networking and are NFV/SDN ready, targeting Broadband Access, Mobile Backhaul, Metro Ethernet and Data center market segments.

About Inango Systems

Inango Systems develops software for a broad range of communication applications. The company o‑ers licensed source code solutions and provides software professional services for customized feature development as well as an extension to customer’s own software teams. Inango’s customers include OEMs in the networking and telecommunication markets and semiconductor companies who benefit from Inango’s experience in providing highly optimized software-to-silicon solutions. Inango software is installed in millions of homes and networks worldwide. More information can be found at or follow us on LinkedIn at