ENET vRouter

100G Programmable Routing for COTS Servers
The ENET vRouter is a ready-to-use turnkey appliance that includes a server with Ethernity’s vRouter software and ACE-NIC100 SmartNIC installed.

The Markets and Challenges

A vRouter, or virtual router, can perform Layer 3 IP routing entirely in software, allowing flexibility in terms of vendors and easy installation on COTS servers. However, there has been a struggle to reach hardware levels of performance when routing entirely through software.
Communications service providers, internet service providers, and enterprise data centers alike are in search of a way to accelerate virtual routing while keeping the benefits of virtualization, such as flexibility and futureproofing.

Our Offering

The ENET vRouter offers effective virtual routing, including data plane acceleration that results in lower latency and more deterministic performance while enabling reduced power and physical footprint. In turn, this reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) by enabling accelerated performance, including up to 100Gbps routing.
Ethernity’s FPGA-based appliances provide optimized data transfer using their patented ENET Flow Processor technology. The vRouter offloads resource-consuming virtual functions to its FPGA. This hardware acceleration helps to optimize the following tasks:
  • IPv4 and IPv6 dynamic routing protocols (BGP, Multicast, RIP, OSPF)and policy-based routing
  • L2-L4 packet filtering for protection of critical data
  • H-QoS queuing mechanisms to inbound traffic for identifying and prioritizing applications and traffic flows
The programmable nature of the ENET FPGA-based platform provides a truly open solution with complete serviceability to satisfy an operator’s specific network application scenarios.
  • 100G routing using existing servers
  • Low power, small physical footprint
  • Advanced IPv4 and IPv6 routing (BGP, PBR, OSPF)
  • Multicast Routing PIM, MLD, IGMP
  • Classification of millions of flows and multiple tuples ACL
  • IPv4/IPv6 host stack
  • H-QoS and 2r3c policer
  • Dynamic Multipoint VPN
  • IPSec VPN (IPSec version only)
ENET vRouter Product Brief

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