Ethernity Networks Joins the Intel Network Builders Program

Ethernity Networks has joined the Intel Network Builders program. The program is an ecosystem of leading technology solution providers working together to accelerate the adoption of NFV and SDN-based solutions in telecommunications networks and public, private enterprise, and hybrid clouds.

The program focuses on building and simplifying software-defined network infrastructure, enhancing security, and improving efficiency in networking, computing and storage.

David Levi, CEO of Ethernity commented, “Ethernity’s involvement in the program is a great endorsement of our technology and its capability and we are proud to be part of it. The collaboration is fundamental in bringing innovative SDN and NFV capabilities to market more quickly, enabling operators to effectively advance and upgrade network or infrastructure demands and security requirements.”

Ethernity’s solution offers offloading for both VNFs and overlay infrastructure, all on a single low-cost FPGA device with its patented flow processing engine. It improves efficiency and accelerates data processing in the provision of data and network services, thereby reducing power consumption and reducing the costs of maintaining network infrastructure by giving hardware systems the ability to add future-proof data processing functionality.

We welcome our collaboration with the Intel Network Builders program as we work alongside a range of leading technology solution providers to help operators recognise the advantage of NFV.