FTTR Board Progress

Exciting news!  We have completed integration of our Single-Port PON OLT MAC into our Asian OEM customer’s Fiber-to-the-Room (FTTR) board.

Following completion of further software integration and lab tests, our OEM customer’s FTTR Gateway offering will begin field testing. We have been informed that the OEM has already scheduled with major Asian Telecom providers to start by the beginning of May, and then it is anticipated that production orders will commence shortly thereafter.

The FTTR product is really the first of its kind.  It incorporates both an off-the-shelf XGS-PON ONU SoC and Ethernity’s GPON OLT on a single board, making it ideal for splitting a large pipeline into smaller bandwidth connections to reach multiple rooms within a house, apartments within a multi-dwelling building, or offices and classrooms within a campus.