FPGA Boards Now Available on Our Website

If you are the type of person who notices subtle changes, you might have noticed that we launched a new product page on the Ethernity website, FPGA Boards.

This new section features a range of hardware boards that Ethernity has developed over the past few years that are now being made available to the marketplace as standalone products rather than as integrated parts of larger devices.  They use a variety of different FPGAs and have different arrays of interfaces, clock sync components, CPUs, Flash, and memory on-board.  Depending on an engineer’s needs for the specific application s/he seeks to develop, Ethernity likely has is a board that offers an excellent platform on which to base the design.

The key value here is the reduced time-to-market for such an engineer.  By using a pre-existing board design, the engineer can concentrate on programming the application without worrying about the long and involved process of hardware design and testing.  Because Ethernity’s boards are FPGA-based, there is flexibility to program toward any application for virtually any industry, with optimal networking and security performance.

And, of course, should the engineer want or need Ethernity’s expertise and experience in delivering customized hardware, or if s/he might benefit from the use of our pre-existing IP cores (packet processing, security, PON), that is always an option as well.

All of Ethernity’s FPGA boards will also be available via the Xilinx Partner Portal so that potential customers who are browsing the various products on the Xilinx site can also take advantage of the Ethernity boards.

As always, Ethernity Networks is staying ahead of the curve when it comes to offering valuable FPGA-based products for our customers.