From Here to Ethernity – Said the Visitors from the Light!

Light Reading is one of the most recognized sources for telecom and networking technology news and trends worldwide. Recently the international group editor Ray Le Maistre and his team visited Israel on the Innovators Video Tour, as the country is a permanent source of creativity and thought, and new technologies often start here. We at Ethernity Networks had the honor to welcome Ray and the team at the company’s offices located in Lod, Israel.

A short report on the whole tour the seasoned media people even called “Viva Tel-Aviv: From Here to Ethernity”, which is a reference to the name of a scientific bestseller “From Eternity to Here”, by Sean Carroll, on cosmology and the arrow of time. Is it that success of Ethernity Networks’ ideas can be compared to the Big Bang? At least, a video interview that Light Reading took with David Levi, our CEO, states – we are at the edge of a Big Change!