Ethernity’s ACE-NIC100 FPGA SmartNIC offers 10/25/40/100 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, providing best-in-class performance and an unsurpassed feature set for virtualized telco and enterprise networks.

The Markets and Challenges

Cloud and multi-access edge computing (MEC) infrastructures require that equipment be optimized for carrier-level quality of experience, performance, and power at scale. By moving specific workloads onto a low-power, highly optimized adapter equipped with an FPGA-based flow processor, the host server can run more standard compute functions. By offloading QoS, Policer, OAM, overlay, and many other functions, including security, CSPs can dramatically reduce operating and capital expenses, and provide a new spin for mass deployment of virtual solutions.

Our Offering

Ethernity’s ACE-NIC100 offers flexible 10/25/40G/100G Ethernet connectivity and the programmable FPGA-based ENET Flow Processor in a single standard adapter card, providing best-in-class NFV and security acceleration for CSPs, enterprise data centers, and standalone solutions. The ACE-NIC100 provides flexible IO capabilities with hardware acceleration to optimize virtual infrastructure for performance, scalability, power, and cost, while offloading VNF, security, and overlay networks to reduce OPEX and CAPEX.
Ethernity Networks’ Router-on-NIC feature provides a high-performance switch/router data plane including Carrier Ethernet Switch, Layer 3 forwarding, protocol interworking, and traffic management, ideal for any application that requires the agility of a virtual router with the performance of a physical router appliance. Router-on-NIC differentiates the ACE-NIC100 from other SmartNICs.
The growing demand for security in the cloud and at the network edge requires both crypto and filters to be integrated for various types of data. The ACE-NIC100sec delivers security acceleration with IPSec tunnel offload that works together with additional overlay methods, such as VxLAN and NVGRE inline processing, freeing the CPU from intense security processing and thereby improving performance.
  • Protocol interworking: L2/L3/MPLS/Overlay/NAT
  • 1M filter rules
  • 4K virtual interfaces
  • DPDK offload and acceleration
  • Option with/without XL710
  • NIC functions implemented on the FPGA
  • Router-on-NIC capability
  • Jumbo frame support
  • IP packet fragmentation
  • Hierarchical Quality of Service (QoS) supporting 32K queues
  • Supports dedicated queues in hardware to shape and schedule traffic based on priority
  • Offloads:
    -VxLAN, NVGRE overlay networks
    -IPSec, firewall, and DDoS engine security
  • Optional IPSec Tunnel available per project
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Enabling the Virtualized Edge with SmartNIC Data Acceleration – White Paper
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Enabling the Virtualized Edge with Smart NIC Data Acceleration – Webinar Slides
ACE-NIC100 Product Brief

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