A programmable network appliance with integrated switch for PON OLT applications, offering open interfaces for all control and management functions

The Markets and Challenges

Access Network architectures commonly use monolithic devices where the control and forwarding planes are hosted on the same device. Consequently, telecom service providers find themselves locked into a single vendor, which restricts their ability to develop and integrate software freely.

Our Offering

The UEP3808 OLT is a new generation disaggregated XGS-PON/Combo PON/GPON OLT white box that can be integrated with complete software or used as a white box for integration with SDN virtual OLT software.
As a white box OLT, it provides open interfaces for all control and management functions for easy integration into an SDN and NFV environment and equipped with Intel ATOM environment. It includes a commonly used Linux platform for developers to build their code or to install existing software developments easily.
This approach allows telecom service providers to pace their own developments and extend them to their access networks without waiting for lengthy standardizations by international entities or for the vendor to fit new customized or proprietary feature requests into tight software roadmaps. This in turn lets providers avoid vendor lock-in and build, develop, or integrate software and functionality at will.
By disaggregating the control plane and forwarding plane, the ISP can control multiple OLT boxes as if they were cards in a chassis. They can employ a virtual controller to fit any subscriber density, freely adding ports as their network grows without the limitations of a fixed sized chassis.
The unique design of the UEP3808 also lends itself to a completely different use case in which it can serve as an aggregator and bonding/de-bonding unit for multiple UEP2025 appliances, creating point-to-multipoint traffic delivery using Ethernity’s patented L1 link bonding technology, covering an environment spanning multiple radio towers by porting Ethernity’s bonding semiconductor technology into the FPGAs.
It can also be used as a traditional XGS-PON OLT; the relevant features are listed below.
  • Up to 16 x XGS-PON ports
  • Up to 8 x CPON ports
  • Up to 16 x GPON ports
  • Integrated switch to handle fully compliant OLT services: IGMP, QoS, BGP, MPLS, and RIP
  • 4K VLAN entries
  • Control and forwarding plane separation
  • Advanced traffic management and QoS
  • Flexibility to scale
  • Ready for NFV integration and acceleration

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