A programmable PON OLT integrated on an FPGA SoC, offering support for XGS-PON and/or GPON

The Markets and Challenges

Fiber deployments continue to expand around the world,  China and US. Asia continues to be the dominant player globally in the FTTX broadband market, with, for example, China Mobile running the world’s biggest optical transport network, with backbone capacity of around 300 Tbit/s, and 98% of its household customers connected via fiber. The 10 Gbps FTTH deployments continue to build momentum.
In terms of transmission technology, different PON flavors coexist. operators have started deploying multi-technology optical line terminals (OLTs), converging GPON, and XGS-PON.

Our Offering

Ethernity’s PON OLT MAC SoC is an efficient, compact Optical Line Terminal (OLT) design integrated on an FPGA SoC that is fully compliant with the ITU standard specification, and which exploits the benefits of XGS-PON and/or GPON to the maximum.
The SoC can support 4 x XGS-PON or 8 x GPON. Ethernity’s implementation of an XGS-PON OLT MAC enables a shared optical communication link between up to 128 endpoint ONUs via Passive Optical Network (PON) and supports a symmetric 9.9Gbps rate in both upstream and downstream
directions. When integrated with a simple switch and CPU, a variety of FTTx solutions are easily achieved: FTTH, FTTb, FTTc, and others.
This OLT MAC supports thousands of ALLOC-IDs and XGEM-PORTs along with FEC error correction, AES encryption, and time-of-day synchronization. Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) allows control of upstream traffic from ONUs, while Burst-mode Clock Data Recovery (BCDR) is implemented on the FPGA to compensate for phase variation between different ONUs.
  • 4 x XGS-PON or 8 x GPON ports
  • Integrated Burst-Mode Clock Data Recovery (BM-CDR)
  • Integrated HW DBA engine with very low latency and fast response time
  • AES encryption engine
  • 18K virtual ports (XGEM-PortIDs) per PON Channel
  • 1,152 AllocIDs (9 per ONU)
  • Segmentation And Reassembly (SAR) at line rate
  • Jumbo packet Support
PON OLT MAC SoC Product Brief

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