Why Ethernity chose AIM

In recent years, flotation’s on AIM have grown in popularity. Since its launch in 1995, over 2,400 companies have joined AIM, raising more than £30bn collectively. Today AIM attracts a range of dynamic companies from venture capital-backed businesses to more established growing organisations. AIM is open to organisations from all sectors all over the world. The London market is attracted to companies of integrity, good company management, no crazy yields, and no scandals, and the investors are looking for companies satisfying a number of important criteria, including growing revenues, growing profits after tax, depth and quality of management and most importantly a strategic plan for the future that is demonstrably achievable.

For Ethernity, listing on AIM was a simple admission process. AIM is a less onerous regulatory environment as opposed to the Official List (LSE main board). Furthermore, the quality of the investor on AIM that was attracted to the Ethernity IPO was highlighted by the fact that “generalist” funds understood the technical side of Ethernity and could make decisions based on the technical offering as well as our future growth opportunities. These investors were not just number focused, but strategic and future focused as well.
The listing on AIM allowed Ethernity to enhance our profile with global customers and suppliers and position the company for the new markets we will be serving.

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